Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What`s this all hoo-hah about Rippln???

Rippln is the next big mobile social networking apps and plugins that is making huge tsunamic wave on the cyberspace since Facebook. It is a new program that combines a mobile app and gamification sharing program and rewards people for sharing it with their own social network.  It has the possibility to be a game changer in how people communicate and connect as well as share on the internet.

The company is currently in Pre-launch phase. It is FREE to register and it is made available to you through LIMITED "Riplin Invite" only. Once you have the app, then you can invite other people. You will see in real time how your ripple grows as your friends invite others. So, if you unsuspectingly receive an invitation to participate in this program from your social media contacts or friends (like I did), do not pass it up...... you could probably well miss the greatest opportunity of a lifetime! You will then be sent a formal invitation via "Ripplin Invite" with the invite code for the registration.

What does this app do?  With Rippln, people can see the impact of their social reach and profit from it.   Social Media engagement has become a necessary marketing strategy and businesses have been using it to fuel their sales.  Before Rippln, companies and Apps have been able to see the impact of Social Sharing on their bottom line, but the sharer hasn’t!

"But that is all about to change.  Rippln will provide transparency and that is a BIG DEAL.  Incentivized sharing is here and it is taking off!" It will spread across the globe like a ripple in a pond that a stone has been thrown into. You now have the opportunity to be at the center of that ripple! The app also offers a chance for people to monetize their ripple. I am talking about significant passive income from revenue generated by app users worldwide. As your ripple grows you receive income any time that someone uses the app to buy flowers, game tickets, movie tickets etc. People will finally be able to see the impact of their social network on the market and have a chance to earn passive income simply from sharing a useful tool with those they know.

Let me just say that what Rippln is doing has NOT been done before.  It is truly a cool and revolutionary idea. Monetizing app sharing and gamification through a network marketing model is HUGE. This thing has an amazing POTENTIAL to redefine the word VIRAL. Over 40,000 people have accepted invites in just 3 days! Rippln projects that in 12 months 20 million people will have this app, and by 24 to 30 months in that number to be 200 million users! Position yourself in the centre of the ripple!

You start off with an allocation of 5 invites.  If people have not joined after 24 hours you can then send their invite to someone else.   As soon as 5 have joined you will be given another 5 invites & so on.  It’s best to follow up your invites with an email to speed things up.

To better understand what Riplin is all about, watch this short video. If you are interested just click the link below the video, fill in the form that appears in a new window and click "Submit". You will then be sent the invite code. PS I will need your first and surname for the link. Please remember the code expires in 24 hours.

Bottom Line ?

The creators of Rippln are highly successful marketers with great reputations.  The best marketing leaders I know are involved like Jonathan Budd, JimBunch, Terry LaCore and Brian Underwood.

                                              IT JUST MAY BE A REVOLUTION!

I am promoting the program because, IF Rippln is the next Facebook or Twitter, this guy is getting a piece.  If it isn’t, big deal.  I NEVER put all of my eggs in one basket.

You MUST sign an NDA to register for Rippln.  If you are not ready to sign the NDA, please do NOT send me a request, as it ties up my invitations.

Life and how to live the good life.

Ismail Yusof

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