Friday, May 10, 2013

Amazing eBooks Giveaway!

              Once in awhile I get some amazing reports from programs that I sign up with like HubSpot, Marketo, Social Media Examiner, Desk and so on. But the thing is that, as much as I`d like to share with you these cool stuffs, they have this copyright clause that prohibits me from sharing them. Still, I will try my utmost best to give away stuffs that really worth your while for visiting this page. So, this morning I crank up my 2nd PC (where all the stuffs that I  downloaded are stored) and scoured through the ebooks/reports archive in the hard drive. You can  imagine the amount that it has accumulated since the day I first downloaded my first ebook! After doing a search, I manage to find a few good titles which I hope will interest you. You can now download them; the links are at the bottom of this page. Have fun! 

             OK, but before you go I`d like you to take a couple of minute to watch this video. It`s about Rippln, the online craze that is sweeping all the major social media sites. As you notice, the last few weeks, I have crammed my blog with posts that are related to it. The apps itself has not been launched yet as the company has this strategy of doing it in phases. At this moment, it is in the 'Prelaunch` stage where the company gets everyone into the buzz and share the info through invites. The cool thing about it is that when you share this info through the invites you`ll get paid after the apps is launched; the more people you get to invite the more you`ll be rewarded. More of this infos can be found in my earlier posts. 


As promised earlier, here are the three ebooks that I hope you will find interesting. Click the download button to download them.


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